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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tri-colour challenge: Day 4

Hello sweeties

I have failed the tri-colour challenge miserably as I didn't have mani ready to go for Tuesday on account of my utter ineptitude and also camera failings.  But I thought if I can't have the one I did for day 3 up (which was beautiful and I'm considering recreating it for next month) then I could soldier on with something simple for day 4.  And this is as simple as it gets.

So, as we know: 3 colours in 4 manis posted on the last two Tuesday and Thursdays in the month.  Black, white, gold, silver and glitter can be used. Go wild!

I used Model's Own Pink Sorbet, Barry M's Turquoise and W7s Flaming Orange with Barry M's Gold Foil for the detail.

So, I did this last night and I wasn't wild about it but didn't have time to redo it but it's growing on me now.  Don't get me wrong I'll do something that's a little more 'me' tonight but I don't hate this.

What this challenge has taught me is 1)I don't have enough orange nail polish and 2) pick your colours with care. I think this and one of the other ones I did would have been more successful if the pink had been a deep creme finish instead of an almost sheer shimmer.


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