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Friday, 12 April 2013

March Haul: See the extent of my addiction

Hello cupcakes!

I meant to post this more towards the end of March rather than the middle of April but life happens aggressively at times.

March was my first full pay after being on maternity leave for 10 months so I went a smidgen overboard. A once, never-to-be-repeated, splurge (right? right?).

As you can see, I frequented the Model's Own bottleshop more than once and had a whale of a time. I really did enjoy doing some manicures with the pastels. I've not tried the purple ice neon shade yet or the greeny/gold from the Champagne collection. I must say I was v. disappointed with the Winter Wonderland flake polish. The base was very gloopy and no amount of top coat got it to even out :(

And then Nail Polish Direct took a hit when I discovered them. I've not used most of the nail polishes in this picture but I'm just thinking of all of the fun things I can do with them when I finally get time now I'm over the dreaded lurgi.

I think my favourite purchase of the month has to be the stamping plates from Gals Cosmetics. They've got some pretty and unusual designs and I'm hoping to use them in occasional Adventures In Stamping challenges.

So, did you guys have a productive March and what was your favourite purchase/gift?



  1. <3 models own are so beautiful!
    I'm so jelaous of it- I have no access to them at all ... :/

  2. I agree, I got the Gals plates as soon as they were available on amazon and love them. Cheeky makes them and they just released their new 2013 Jumbo plates... they are on amazon as well. Here in the US, they are $85 for 10 plates. I think I am going to get them next week. So many cute designs, each plate has a different theme. I can't wait. Great blog, BTW.