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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 4 of 33DC - Tribal

Hello peardrops

I'm a smidgen late with this one but I'm sure you'll forgive me as I was off having a glorious break with my family. So...

I think I may have gone awry with this one.  Most of the challenge responses I have seen have been geometric tribal patterns over a vast array of colours - I went with something that screamed tribal at me: Dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe people a First Nation Native American people from the area of north Mexico they because a worldwide trinket in the 60s and 70s and are now hung up in dorm rooms the world over!  They are supposed to be made from a willow hoop strung to look like a spider's web and then decorated with sacred beads and feathers. The ones on my nails are not sacred, I just think they're pretty to look at.

For this mani I used a base of BM's Turquoise, BM's black art pen and BM's Blood orange and gold foil for the dots and I also used a few small studs from Born Pretty. On my ring and pinkie fingers the glitter topper is Copper Fields by Emily de Molly.  And here it is!

Check out the other responses below.

See you tomorrow!


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