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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We stamp on Sundays, and the other days too: Rimmel, Barry M and Gals plates

Hello cupcakes!

I orginally meant to post this in response to the weekly Adventures in Stamping challenge for Sunday (stamping over lilac). But life in the form of a nasty chest infection for my 10 month old intervened and I just couldn't get it done.

So two days late and hopefully not a dollar short here's my answer to the challenge.  I used Ultra Violet from the Rimmel Salon Pro Range (goes on like a dream and super shiney <3)and stamped with the trusty gold foil from Barry M.  As always a basecoat of GOSH matte topcoate and a two topcoats of SV.  I used a plate from the Gals' Fairies set and just left it as is with no embellishment because I really liked it.

With no further ado!

I orignally did this mani about a five weeks or so ago and looking back on these photos I'm actually really pleased with my progress in photographing my nails, clean up and general presentability.  My photos now are cleaner and better lit.  And I think my clean up is much better now because I can spend 15 minutes doing the one hand now as I get little bit OCD about it.

Even if I don't get any comments or any more followers the one thing to come out of this is my nails are looking more professional with each manicure.

See you next time.



  1. Really pretty pattern and colour combo!! hope your little one is better now! xx

    1. Thanks on both fronts, Char. He's a lot better now and full of beans!