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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

China Glaze: Black Diamond + added stamping!

I fancied something simple and elegant so decided to go with a dark background and a pink/silver stamp.

I used China Glaze's Black Diamond over a coat of CG's Liquid Leather.  I had tried to use the Black Diamond on its own but it was much too sheer and even with three coats it didn't look like it had a lot of depth to it.  So I nixed that one and put one coat over one coat of Liquid Leather. 

This is what it looked like without the stamp:

I personally think it's absolutely gorgeous.  A lovely black creme but with miniscule shimmery bits that almost takes it to an ultra dark grey.

I covered that with a top coat of CG's fast dry top coat (which I love but could do with someone chiming in on whether seche vite is worth the extra cost for a better product?).

And because I can't leave a good mani alone I wanted to put some stamps on top. Last week I received the Fairy Set from Gals Cosmetics and used two small images (from GA30 and GA38) overlapping each other on the tip of the nail with a pink foil effect nail polish from Beauty UK. And this is the result:

I really like this.  It's quite subtle until the light hits and then just lovely and shimmery.


Up next: Avant Garden with something extra!


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